RTE Data Science Symposium

Monell Auditorium, March 7, 2017

The goal of this symposium is to bring together scientists from the broader Lamont community whose work involves innovative aspects of data science. We will learn about each other’s approaches to and existing capabilities for data management, analysis, and visualization; search for common ground across disciplines; and discuss how to face coming challenges and opportunities in the era of big data.

Time Presenter Title
1000-1005 Art Lerner-Lam Welcome
1005-1015 Tim Crone Real-Time Earth
1015-1045 Lisa Goddard Keynote I: The IRI Data Library: Examples in the availability, access, and use of data to address real-world problems
1045-1100 Rebecca Latto Ocean carbon states: how to extract physically meaningful information from Earth System Model output
1100-1130 Kerstin Lehnert Re-usable data for the community: Data services & research of Lamont’s Geoinformatics research group
1130-1145 Felix Waldhauser Large-scale data analysis for precision seismic monitoring
1145-1200 Matthew Harke Small microbes mean big data in oceanography
1200-1215 Bill Ryan Experience in providing big data to apps in mobile devices
1215-1230 Dan Osgood Noisy audited incentivized truthtelling for informed clients
1230-1330   Lunch Break
1330-1400 Gavin Schmidt Keynote II: Big data challenges in model development and evaluation
1400-1415 Nandini Ramesh Predicting Pacific decadal variability: Insights from attractor reconstruction
1415-1430 Greg Yetman Modeling human population distribution: Strategies for processing and validating large data collections
1430-1445 Richard Seager Naomi Henderson The big data problem in climate research, Lamont’s efforts to partially solve it, and grander ideas for the way forward
1445-1500 Ryan Abernathey Petascale postprocessing in Python
1500-1515 Nick Frearson Acquiring, processing, analysing and archiving large data sets (100’s of TB) from airborne field surveys
1515-1530 Susanne Straub The Arc DataBase: Working with global arc volcanic rocks
1530-1545 Ben Holzman Cyclic changes in micro-seismicity in the Geysers geothermal field, as revealed by Machine Listening
1545-1630   Group Discussion